What was your best ever memory/experience of GD

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I still remember like it was yesterday. Then there was a gder by the name "Pluto Nash" he's quite popular he even made a youtube video called "The GD game". You see I was a nobody compare to him, Pluto was matter of fact the first to create something secondary to what we have here. Today you see the unofficial discord, even other discords dedicating to gaming and League of Legends. It was Pluto who first made a sub community for everyone from GD. The only problem was he did not invited me, he wouldn't let me in it and then there was Kite, that man with the grace of an angel swooping down and said. TF you not letting this dude on the forum I'm making a new forum and so it was done -------------------------------------- by the way for those wondering what I do these days I often date young Korean ladies. That's all I really do.** I date young ladies that look like your typical jolygram model like this one**. This isn't even a flex or brag it's really all I do, I date a new one every two weeks or so it's the life I choose for myself. It's not a very constructive thing to do but I do it. My dates are usually Korean exchange students staying here in Vancouver https://i.ibb.co/4tN8PBz/798.jpg[/img] https://i.ibb.co/mzSWvvr/76876.jpg[/img] I also want to say to Kite if he's reading this there's no Korean dates I've love and dated that's more beautiful than him https://i.ibb.co/wN2TKsb/345345435435.jpg[/img] This man is truly beautiful ^
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