Im leaving the jungle

I started out maining jungle in this game, i come from other mobas playing for countless tens of thousands of hours so i like to think i have good game sense, but i played a lot of adc so im pretty decent at that role too, but thats not why you clicked on this. I dont know if anyone else has this problem but i get scrutinized ALL. THE. TIME. everything i do, feels like every game. Just pure harassment by at least somebody that feels i neglected their lane. Look at my match history, im winning a lot im doing great majority of the time but i just get harassed like crazy because if a lane does bad its my fault and nothing i can say will change that because "i didnt gank enough". I'll go the whole game sometimes not typing and people are just taking out everything that happens to them on me. As you guys know eventually people crack and get punished. I cracked... barely. This veigar was mid and started fighting alone, realizing he cant 1v5 he did the right thing which was retreat... right to me soloing the now 2k hp baron with jax. Well he died, i died, they took baron, then called me a f*cking idiot for not helping him. I told him he was brain dead for leading them all to baron, a little bit of arguing happened only with the veigar but i didnt use any more insults. Chat restriction all honor lost, no season rewards, my first offense. Yeah im out of the jungle i cant take that kind of abuse. Im going bot i never dealt with stuff like that there.
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