My close friend was banned for scripts. Without having logged on at the time.

My friend, (whose name I will not disclose on this board for obvious reasons, but am happy to provide to a rioter) was apparently banned in early April for Scripting. Issue is, not only has he never touched a script (he wouldn't even know how) but he hasn't even logged on since march. A quick look on his OP.GG later shows that he randomly played 4 champions he never touches (he's a yorick one trick and suddenly he's playing kaisa, jhin, Yasuo, and Kayle) significantly AFTER he actually logged on, and was queueing with people he'd never seen or played with up to that point. So now he's permanently banned, and has submitted a ticket. is there anything he can do, since it seems that his account was compromised and then immediately banned for scripting? Any assistance is welcome.
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