Victorious Skins being designed not to compete with skin sales is a flawed concept.

Title. #We spend all year playing hundreds if not thousands of games to set up our accounts for the end of season rewards, and what do we get? Well..... most of the time, we get a champion skin that: #The majority of the player base doesn't even play ({{champion:57}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:266}} ) Aatrox has a 5% or less Pick rate, even after his rework. 46.2%. Sivir has its base playrate, but was considered ugly on her other skins, due to dated art/concepts. Maoki was going into dated territory and nerfs were heading to tanks. Orianna was never all that popular, but was viable.... only to be made less viable in Season 9.... right after she got her skin. The only 2 champions that perhaps break this small popularity mold who got across the Victorious finish line were Morgana and Janna (and now only Morgana breaks the mold, as Janna is losing popularity) Doesn't Riot think players would be more fulfilled, if champions like {{champion:99}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:24}} etc etc Got their turn? I mean..... sure. On some of these champs, another skin is just another Chroma. BUT..... they are played champions people are PROUD to play, and we only get one Victorious a Year, and it can never be acquired again. In other words..... normally.... when someone has a Victorious skin, you KNOW which meta they did well in, and what skins they got as a reward. No One Started playing Maoki because he got a Victorious Skin. They turned away from him. No one stuck with Graves. His play rate is at its lowest in years. I rarely ever see an Orianna.
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