I hope this meta changes very soon, i hate it

What's wrong with this meta? * Too much burst, TFs are deathballs and last too little * Some particular champions over and over and over picked to death (talon, zed, yasuo, zoe i see in every game no joke) * ADCs are useless unless you either reach late game but 90% of games end around midgame so you never get to scale as ADC. Also with the changes unless you're playing a few select adcs, ADCs are not worth picking anymore * Everyone builds pure AD and one shoots squishies from stealth. * Tanks have a hard time tanking and everyone plays burst and tries to 100-0 It's a sorry state of affairs. League is turning from a decision making strategy game to action deathball. I can tolerate and have tolerated this meta for now but i sure as hell don't want to play this kind of meta next season as well. **This is by far the worst season i have played in League and i'm playing this game since katarina and nasus were newly released Champions.** {{champion:55}}
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