Janna Movespeed Project

I'm hosting a custom game where I abuse a few underused mechanics to get infinite passive movement speed and probably break a record, but I need help to get it off the ground in the early game. Anyone mind joining up with me? The game is up with the same name as the title. I'll explain my method: Janna gains AP from movement speed, the only champion to have this as a passive bonus instead of a temporary spellcast, to my knowledge. With a combination of Kleptomancy's infinite mana gain potential and Gathering Storm's non-linear scaling I will get movement speed faster and faster as the game goes on, but I need bots on the other side to clear waves later in the game, and I need to clear dragon efficiently in order to maximize cloud/fire drakes. Doing this alone as Janna while also defending against 5 bots is extremely difficult, thus I need at least one partner. You don't need to stay much longer than 20 minutes, once I'm off the ground I can keep it going easily. I will record the game, so you can see where it goes hours and hours later.
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