I feel like ADC is a dead role.

This game is about mages and bruisers/assassins. Every game I play, I feel like neither team's ADC ever matters. It's just Rengar's, Khaz's, Hecarim's, Zed's, Kayn's, all these people that can just run down a squishy with zero effort, and little-to-no counterplay options. Then it's Vel's and Lux's trying to get in their damage from off screen just to stay alive, or Vlad's and Swain's getting enormously tanky. Where does an ADC fit in??? Bruisers, assassins, and mages can all build HP at the same time as damage. Bruisers can even build armor/resist at the same time as all of that. An ADC's two items don't match a bruiser's two items. ADC's basically need 6 items in order to stop feeling like it's a constant uphill battle to keep up, but by then, ANYONE is good with 6 items, so who cares. Except AP Shyv, who needs nothing at all to do 95% of an entire team's HP. And is, of course, also inherently tanky. Where do ADC's fit in????? They've lost all identity, and got swept away in the grand motion of appeasing casual players that want easy, imbalanced characters. It seems that, simply, over the years of that "newbie design" festering, we finally have what we have now. The moment an ADC is even within auto-attack range of ANYONE at all, that ADC is now in threat of being killed instantly. It feels like an ADC is only allowed to be attacking something that is currently CC'd, or else they die. The scaling in this game has become WAY off. I don't know when it happened. I only recently came back to League after many years. But what I'm seeing and feeling right now is... very much not Ok. Am I really the only one who feels this way???
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