My Idea for a cool take on ARAM skin boosts!

I am posting this in hopes the devs stumble across this idea I had (which im sure many of you guys have had and posted as well) about a skin boost feature I think would be really cool. I am new to posting here and this is my first post so please don't bash me if this idea had been brought up numerous times in the past.....I would appreciate that. So anyway my idea is that when skin boosts happen and you get to enjoy a free skin for a match, allow the user to CHOOSE the skin out of the pool of skins for their champion for the match because the RNG sometimes can frusterate you with a skin you hate, or do not want. With the generosity of another at least let us choose how we look for one game! I also think it would intice the player to skin boost more often than not when they know that they will be able to choose the skin they want to skin boost for. :)
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