Should riot remove auto-fill?

What is the point of having this in ranked game play or in the game at all? Not to come off as a "low elo know it all", but the design seems to be flawed/pointless and it makes ranked/playing that game in general useless. The people who play in auto fill are less likely to try and even if they do try they will not play the role they got filled into at the same level they are playing in. This is almost same feature pretty much as the one that so many players disliked when you released the role based ranked system. The response will probably be like "It helps the player experience other parts of the rift" or "If we got rid of auto-fill the queue times would be insanely long". However, I (and most of the community probably) would honestly rather wait in a 15-20 minute queue than have to play a game of ranked where I potentially get auto-filled and have to play a game in a role I did not choose/want to play at all. Also, even if you were to dodge the game you would still have a wait time to queue up again since you left the game. After asking a support person for an answer they directed me to the boards and their response was as I thought. That the reason it is in place is so people do not have to wait as long in queue.
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