Riot's BE system is one of the most toxic and predatory in the MOBA genre.

It's a simple concept. How do you create a game that can pose as free but create disgusting revenue? You market it as free, give players the ability to play the core of the game without any taxing, but you create psychological pressure to push them into buying content adjacent to the core, like cosmetics, xp boosts etc. Meanwhile you invent an intermediary "currency" so that players can disassociate with the fact that the game is charging them real money and if you can unlock content through in game affordable currency then that's done in a much slower pace. Here's the problem, riot's core game is not free. You can access all maps but not all champions from the get go and champs are part of the core of the game, they are the tactical element of drafting and if they are not included in the "free" product that is not considered a FTP game. And what adds insult to injury is that you literally need to have no life to unlock them all with in game currency in like a year of play. Add that to the fact that the toxic champion capsule algorithm that was implemented later in the life of the game will more often than not hit you with repetitive champ shards and meaningless amounts of BE, making things even worse than before. At least with the old system you had some semblance of authority over the BE you could gather. Now, you can grind all you want for that level up but your effort could be answered with a shitty Xin Zhao shard.
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