An Elephant's spoiler free review of star wars

To give a spoiler free review, I will list some categories and rate how I thought the movie performed in those categories in a way that does not talk about anything in the movie. at all. Effective use of Floof: 8/10 Meme Potential: 3/10 Meme Usage: 5/10 Cheesiness: 5/10 Explodey Things: 8/10 Usage of Robots: 7/10 Character Development: 8/10 Orchestra Usage: 7/10 Fight scenes: 7/10 CG/Graphics: 9/10 Plot Coherence: 8/10 Drama: 7/10 Waifus: 0/10 Anime: 0/10 Overall good movie, would recommend. I would not recommend it to anyone looking for waifu material though, that category was distinctly lacking, however its usage a floof was above my expectations.
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