I dont get normal draft/blind matchmaking

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First of i would like to say i know the Bengals suck, they are obviously bad they are 1/12, it doesn't bother me anymore ill keep supporting them no matter what The main point of this post, is to discuss the matchmaking of this game, i'm a silver 2 player, most seasons i'm gold but this season I didn't have as much time to play, but regardless i'm not very good either way. The main point of this article is whether i'm silver 2 or gold 5 i shouldn't be playing with a full lobby of diamonds and plats in every single match i play in normal (also i'm not qued up with anyone) .I know some will point to "it will help you get better", that's true, but i also like to try new champions, if i'm playing on my favorite champions that's fine at least i know how to play them and can learn, but whenever i try any new champions i just get curb stomped every time, its hard to learn anything when the people i'm constantly vsing in these matches are 2-3 whole divisions ahead of me. its come to the point where i have been practicing in my ranked games because its the only reasonable place for me to practice, i miss the times when draft and blind were actually balanced and fun. This isn't fair to my teammates in these games and it isn't fair to me, please fix this riot. Note: I know i don't have many normal game modes in my match history anymore, and that's just because i don't like to play them anymore.
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