That is the term one needs to describe League, and here some reasons why {{champion:24}} {{champion:246}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:517}} {{champion:350}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:84}} . In my opinion League could have been a great game but it is not, because it lacks balance the fact that there are a few champions that are clearly stronger than others makes ranked games and normal games impossible to enjoy. Jax can 1v5 with 2 items, you can not kill a jax 1v1 or 1v2, sylas has tones of healing while having 2 gap closer abilities and deals tones of damage through his passive . I watched the LEC finals and 3 of the champs above were banned throughout the series and the rest were constantly being picked. I mean there are 130 or so champs in game but both teams were fighting for 7 champs. it is sad that the game you enjoy and support does not let you have fun. If you try to pick an of meta champ in Ranked you will lose. Laning against Yasuo is awful this champ has no mana and no cooldowns. Sylas has 0 mana cost in his abilities and he spams q all the time and if you try to play freely you will just die because you can not out trade him due to his cc, his passive and healing. Qiayana can deal 900 damage in lvl 3 just by pressing Q two times and aa twice as well. So in my opinion if you want to make this game great, stop this madness. I want to be able to play every champ available while having the same chance of winning, i don't want to play these 7 characters because i don't like them. And I really hate when people say if you want to climb play meta champs, climbing should be about skills not picks. I really do hope you take this into consideration, the game will be much more enjoyable if you stop this Meta thing you have going on. People will be able to create interesting champ combos if every champ is balanced i am tired of playing with or against 7 specific champions all the time. Thanks for your time
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