Bad information on ranked season end

"last day in ranked is nov. 12." I wonder what the really means, will it end at 12PM? will it end later in the night? Will it end when its 12PM in america? so I go to your site and I found the very helpful site that says "The 2018 season is ending" followed by "The 2018 season ends November 12 at 11:59pm PDT. Find out what rewards are on the line!" Right now the ranked season apparently ended for me. Right now its 3:42 PM, Monday, November 12, 2018, Pacific Time (PT). The fact that you added the timezone implies that its 12PM ON THAT TIME. If you removed the time zone it would be correct information for anyone reading it, but you added it to make it different, to make it wrong for the majority of the player base. To be extra nice you even added a timer on your site, a timer that says 8 hours left, and ranked is disabled in Europe when its at 8 hours? If you want to end it at different times for different servers then tell us! I was playing promo when it ended as I relied on the fact that I could play until the timer on the official damn site reaches zero. You spent the time making that post, and that timer. But it occurred to nobody that maybe this will be a little confusing as the timer is only right for a fraction of all the servers? having no specific information is better than being given wrong information. if "nov. 12 is the last day of ranked" was the only information I could take a precautionary stance and assume it ends at 12PM my time. but you said it ended at 12PM specifically on the PDT time zone. The severity of your short thinking is astonishing to me. Remove "PDT" and replace it with "local server time", congratulations! your statement is now a fact and its even easy to understand for anyone. want a timer? then specify that the timer is not valid for most of the people that play the game, or even make different timers for all the servers. These things should come to mind within the first minute of considering informing the player base about when the ranked season ends. Its such a simple task, there are not many ways to mess it up, but you managed to do it. *slow clap*
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