Nexus Blitz is a bit of a slap in the face to Dominion fans and the blow kind of stings I was a huge fan of Dominion - my wife was as well. It was always a fresh break from league when the rift was getting heavy. I played it pretty often and played to the point that every match was you VS 9 botters. I still played. So when Riot announced that it would be permanently retired because it was detracting the player base away from Summoners Rift (not wanting to take attention away from the star) and that nothing could be done about the botting... it was a HUGE disappointment. The flip side was that they made the decision to do rotating game modes (something I feel is not being delivered often enough) and I thought - HEY I can live with this.. Ascension came out, and it took place on the beloved Dominion Map - although the game play wasn't the same, the battle elements were still there. It wasn't dominion, but the core of the gameplay was enough to feel the void. The thing I liked about Dominion was that as a pretty hardcore WoW player, it reminded me of Arathi Basin BG. One of my favorites. The RGM used to be common, now it feels like we go months without seeing them. NOW Now we have Nexus Blitz and Riot says "it might be a permanent addition" depending on reception. Wasn't the whole point of removing dominion over concerns about additional modes taking away from Summoners Rift? The truth is, people that play this game THINK they are going to go pro. They think this regardless of what game mode they play, and the fact that from my understanding, you need to compete in something official (mainly with a registered team) like the LCS or whatever to actually do that (if I'm wrong about that - I'm right about the rest and this would be a good opportunity for someone (official) to set the idea right). This means that if you are matched up against me... neither one of us are going pro anytime soon. Get over it and have fun. I'm bronze 5.. I'm not happy to be there.. but I play for FUN. I play to escape the horrors in my life. These players suck the joy out of the game and I think part of riots failings concerning the community have been the misconceptions about what a player needs to do to make it big - allowing players to all act like entitled Divas through their misconceptions and aspirations of being a star. Every blind, every normal draft, every Twisted Treeline, every ARAM, every RGM, and now every Nexus Blitz... are all part of their PRO CAREER resume and when you aren't doing hot.. it looks bad on them in their mind.. and they don't play for fun.. Playing for fun in SR is almost non-existent because of this mentality. Returning to point.. The launching of Nexus Blitz and touting it as "possibly here to stay" is a major blow to the fans of Dominion that stood behind the justifications for removing that content. Every reason you gave to remove Dominion is invalid if you keep Nexus Blitz, and that is a slap in the face. Not to mention, Nexus Blitz feels like Riot is losing it's roots and just pandering to all the players who left for Fortnite/Paladins. It feels like the money is more important than the fun. I mean... Battle Royale? I can picture the direction in mind by riot with this decision and the reasoning.. Years of summoners rift being shoved in our face to be tossed aside because this Battle Royale phase is blowing up and riot wants in on that action.. That isn't what league is about. I enjoy the mode for what it is.. but if it is here to stay, then dominion deserves to come back - otherwise it needs to go in the pile of RGM we never get to play except when they get pulled off the shelf and dusted off.. But even better of a concept.. How about allowing the players to pick any of the game modes to play from. Sure URF would dominate for awhile but it would lose its novelty.. so maybe that one can be a special limited event.. but the rest would be great. A game should be a game and a game should be fun... it shouldn't be about a pro career simulation.
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