Smurfs are ruining games in plat.

So its obvious that lately in ranked that there are a fuckton of smurfs in ranked(especially in plat +). My question is does Riot even care about it being a problem? I was in plat II, now plat IV. In the majority of my games I get a smurf on my team, and a smurf on the enemy's. However If they find the slightest thing to get upset about, they will toss the game. One example of such is ~~But no name shaming xddddddddd even though he's a smurf and he doesn't care about his account which is why he tells people to kill themselves~~ He was playing jungle. I had him for a ranked game, all the while he complained that I was bad for taking ignite against TF and more. (in which the TF I was playing against was smurfing, wow what a surprise). So he said he'd only farm jungle. Top lane got dicked, flames me like jungler did, another loss, would move on (like the past 70 games in a row where I get fuckwits like these guys, thanks for the demotions you fucks). But upon further inspection, it was the same player who tossed a game two weeks ago and told me to kill myself. This time his buddy was joining in on the fun. Why are there so many toxic trolls fucking with elo? Seriously. I don't benefit from being told to die. I don't benefit from being stomped in a game where the enemy jungler is smurfing and knows how to gank every lane perfectly, nor from my own teammates tossing it. And the obvious "just mute them" doesn't work when they actively work against YOU and your team. Muting doesn't prevent someone from running it down mid or afk farming. It sucks to cut a teammate from communicating with me. I don't get it. Its so frustrating to have it happen. It even sucks when it happens on the enemy team. With these types of players its either you get ---- The smurf who wants to climb ---- The smurf who wants you to die. So why is riot letting this disgusting problem continue? Why is this problem even happening? ~~and yes ik its hard to monitor smurfing, let alone toxic ones that can just buy accounts or farm one up, but riot makes $$$$$$$ and has a fuckton of amazing people working there. The fact they're doing nothing is just fucking disappointing~~ Thoughts? tl;dr Turns out the asshat that was berrating me all game was a smurf I had previously reported for the obligatory "kys" two weeks prior except this time with his friend. and smurfs reducing the quality of games. Wondering why these types of players are so common now.
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