RIOT OGRigga what does your name mean

RIOT OGRigga. i want everyone to hear me out on this. i want you to read this next line as fast as possible ---------------riot OGRigga---------------- did you read the n word? sorry let me re-clarify. the N word. lets dissect the stroke of the R the r has 1 straight vertical line, a slanted line, and a u rotated 90 degrees. but when reading it fast the brain autocorrects it to the N word. it just does. because you also used igga. it also doesn't help you used Original Gangster within a name as igga. i want you to explain what your name means. are they initials? is it a special acronym? is your name actually racist and why are you allowed to keep a racist name when players can't have one, is it becaused your employed by riot? now before the masses downvote this horribly i want to say i'm coming at this from the mindest of skeptical and curious, not a witch hunt. i just want to understand where your name comes from and if it just so happens to be racist. well.....i think we know what needs to happen. a name change
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