If "FILL" is your primary role, the "SECONDARY" Role should let us choose what role we don't want

I still don't know why we haven't done this yet.. **I'm not talking about AUTOFILL** If you go into a game and you **CHOOSE** "FILL" as your Primary Role then you don't get to choose a Secondary Role. It makes sense because "FILL" means "give me anything". Players that choose "FILL" need to be allowed a Secondary choice for a Role they DO NOT wish to play. How this would work: Choosing **FILL / BOTTOM** means a player would be queued to play any role, except ADC. Choosing **FILL / JUNGLE** means a player can be queued into any role, except Jungle. **HOW WOULD AUTOFILL WORK?** If **AUTOFILL** is Active when a player chooses **FILL / (any role)** then the player can still be placed into the undesired role if they're autofilled. If **AUTOFILL** is Protected, then the undesired role will not be assigned. **WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT?** Some players choose "FILL" to just get into games quick, knowing they can play almost anywhere. Players usually have at least one role they don't want to play, and if a player is sacrificing one of their choices to be filled wherever, then it seems reasonable to allow us an option to "BAN" a role we absolutely don't want. When a player picks any two roles, they're already an exception from 3 roles. Let's give "FILL" players an option to at least be protected from playing 1 role.
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