Guys if you aren't happy

...Than leave? Like there is no reason to suffer if you are not enjoying league and when you complain but keep playing and buying shit but say you are done, it kind of makes you seem weak. Want Riot to really get the message? Than just stop playing. League lost my interest so I stopped playing as much. I still play now and again but compared to a year ago where I played numerous games EVERY DAY, I barely touch the game. Riot sees when this happens. If people are mad and stop playing, than Riot will need to do something to fix it. There is nothing holding you from not playing and in this time, you have so many amazing options for entertainment and games, League just doesn't really stand out anymore at least to me. Try Altas Reactor Try Warframe Try Paladins Try Smite Try Heroes of the Storm Try Brawlhalla Try Battlerite Try Gigantic Try Dota 2 Just play other stuff. League is not going anywhere and if you aren't having fun, there isn't any reason to actually sit there and try and act like you are having fun. That is just a **tiny** list of games to play that are all free and all fun. When people start leaving, start quitting because they aren't enjoying themselves, that's when Riot will really get the message, "Okay people are REALLY pissed". I play the game. I read the boards. I feel ya guys. I have also played a lot of games that are way worse than League. I am just tired of these posts coming up. Put down your pitchforks guys. League ain't dead and we hear ya. If you ain't happy, just leave for a bit. Like I said before, league is not going anywhere. I left for about 3 months there because I wasn't happy; it just feels a lot better at the end of the day. When people start saying they aren't happy, AND they leave on mass, that's how Riot will get the message. Don't just make a rage post, than go straight back to playing. In 2017, you got no reason to not leave if you aren't happy.
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