Does it cost money to talk Riot Game Devs?

I'd Really like to talk to them, even just over messeging chat, hell even in game client talking. would be cool to talk to someone about the game who isnt someone who may play the game 3 times a month and sits in the boards spewing about how bad everything is. Talking to the creators would be interesting and from a different point of view, and would be neat. so 1: what are the chances? 2: how would one go about it? 3: couldnt really think of a third one, but i notice alot of rioters seem to be very active on twitter, would that be the spot to start @ing any questions for a chat? oh, and i understand they may be very busy, big game, lots of things to do. But as a player it would be nice, given we are the blood that keeps the game alive right? lets get to the mind behind it
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