Have you ever seen or read something so bad it physically makes you sick when people call it good?

I realized I had this problem when I saw this comment calling an anime one of the greatest of its time. I legit am filled with fury that could incinerate the SUN anytime I see someone saying its good. The anime/manga in question Fairy Tail. I don't have a problem with people saying they like it. But when people try to make it out to be a work of art https://i.imgflip.com/11mzuw.jpg I could punch a window in. The second worst anime I've seen, well it's not 100% terrible but it's my second most hated, SAO does not fill me with so much rage. I went from the entire anime to the end of the manga and went from loving the anime to questioning it to wishing I was able to take away only his ability to write manga because it was so DISSAPPOINTING AND SICKENINGLY BAD that it has actually helped condition me to fucking cringe and get angry for just hearing anyone say its good. I could debate with an SAO fan whether its good. If you try to debate with me that Fairy Tail had good writing... idek. Well it's a problem and I really think I should fix it. And no pretending it didn't exist is not an option because the writing was such utter shit it is too good an example of how NEVER to write ANYTHING **EVER**
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