Toxic players and trolls are still a problem. Please don't forgot Riot.

Problem: League of Legends is too toxic for its own good. Now Riot, I know you are proud and dedicated to LoL, seeing how beautiful graphics are and how engaged you guys are with the community. However, toxcity is what ruins Riot's good image. First game of the day and unfortunately it is a person who lives an extremely sad life and decides to spread his dread among teammates including me. You know what toxicity causes? Frustration. Toxicty in most cases will just lead to more toxcity. Of course, there are very rare cases where they are people who just mute and continue to play, but when the troll is doing things to affect your gameplay such as to get in the way of your CS and laning enemy; that only leads to a world of irritation and unenjoyable gameplay. I am not saying that the staff at Riot does not care or try, but I feel like you guys do not try enough. Toxcity has only become worse in league. Nothing's changed, and sometimes it really feels like you guys only try to manage it rather than trying to fix the problem completely. I have not seen any recent videos from RiotGames concerning toxicity in the game; if I am wrong, please correct me. Proposed Solution: Honestly, I don't have one, but what I can say is that Trolls want to make people lose, which means their goal is to irritate players and make them lose LP. I feel the best way to solve this is give some type of compensation for a game that ends as a loss due to trolls. Develop a system that can easily detect trolls on the spot from their behavior in a live game. That way players cannot lie that there is a troll to avoid losing LP. Of course, this solution is probably too vague and not well thought out, but its just suggestion and general idea. Thank you to anyone who decided to read my post.
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