Hey there! Long time no see! I just want to list my life for a bit for no reason

Sooo... here we go! Me in a nutshell, the thread - feel free to judge: Favorite champion: Lulu Favorite food: Spaghetti Favorite drink: Any and all things caramel, unless salted. Then I hate it. Favorite veggie: Bell pepper Favorite language: German. It just sounds amazing to my ears. Plus Germans are attractive. Favorite sport: Water Polo Favorite game: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Favorite cartoon: Gravity Falls Favorite VN/anime: Steins;Gate Favorite Pokemon: Victini My type: Flat-chested tomboys with chin-length hair My car: 2006 Dodge Stratus. It's garbo. 120k miles and no aux port. Worst way to die: Buried alive Coke or Pepsi?: Pepsi Pineapple on piz- ew, no, this is not a debate. Hell no. Pet Peeve #1: Over-sexualized characters. It just ruins any potential they had. Pet Peeve #2: Protagonists that you're meant to self-insert into. I just simply can't. **My top 5 favorite characters and why:** Rhyme - The World Ends With You She's an NPC. She barely has any voice lines. She gets so much less screen time than every other box-art character. She's also like 12. Despite all that, however, Rhyme means a lot to me. Her personality, both shown and implied, is something that I can draw from. Not only do I relate to her, she's quite literally an inspiration as to the kind of person I want to resemble more. There's so much I can write about this character that I can't simplify it in just one paragraph, so I'll just leave it off here. Lora - Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna The Golden Country My three favorite protagonists of all time are in my top five, and Lora's easily the one I have the most bias for. She's definitely waifu for me if I had to pick one. She fits the mature motif of the game very well while still showcasing inexperience and flaws, coming off as very human in the process. As a character, she's very sweet, adorable, genuine, seasoned, and responsible. She doesn't stand out as a particularly interesting protagonist in the long run, but she doesn't need to. For the role that she's been given from start to end, she suits it all perfectly. King Dedede - The Kirby Series I've never played a Kirby game. Therefore, I don't know much about this character. I don't need to though. He's my main in Smash and he has been for years. I'm not one of those Dededes that just inhale gordos, oh goodness gracious no. I jump. Sometimes I'll swing the hammer. In the end though, this guy has provided me with nothing but entertainment, and now I need to play a Kirby game. Niko - OneShot Another favorite protagonist of mine, and easily the most adorable here. Cuteness goes a long way for me, haha. Beyond just being an absolute cinnamon roll though, Niko is one of the most compelling, engaging, and relatable child characters I've ever seen. On top of that, once I completed OneShot, this character left a hole in my chest that lasted for over a month. No other character has ever done that to me before. I'd say more, but OneShot as a game is meant to be played completely blind. Pick it up on Steam when you get the chance! Okabe Rintaro - Steins;Gate Okabe is the most important protagonist here, objectively speaking. He's just a well-written character and is an absolute inspiration for me as a writer. The evolution he undertakes throughout the plot's progression exposes a character that is so multifaceted and complex on top of being an absolute joy to watch. If you haven't seen Steins;Gate yet, it's a must-watch, believe me. If you have $60 lying around, pick up Steins;Gate Elite instead! It offers substantially more content as well as multiple endings. The anime's fine too, however. **My top 5 *least* favorite characters and why:** Kamoana - Tales of Berseria Annoying, whiny and useless. She also has the worst voice I've ever heard in anything ever. It's actual nails on a chalkboard. She's a huge blemish on an otherwise perfect cast. Cursed were the skipped cutscenes that had the misfortune to give her character screen time. If there's any solace to her existence, it's that she appears late enough to not be in the game for too long. Tatsu - Xenoblade Chronicles X Have you ever seen a character that made a character go down several tiers just by becoming their satellite? That's Tatsu. He embodies the type of mascot I hate: Useless while still being pretentious enough to order the party around while taking all of the credit. Not to mention, as a satellite to one of the main characters, he's basically around for the entire game while unfunny - albeit appropriate - jokes are repeated ad infinitum about eating him. Shaymin - Pokemon: Giratina and the Sky Warrior Thanks to this movie, Shaymin is my least favorite Pokemon. She has all of the same personality traits coupled with the uselessness that made me hate Tatsu. At least I only had to suffer her for roughly an hour. Ciel - God Eater 2 Pet Peeve #3: The quiet, emotionless girl that spontaneously and intensely develops trust and feelings for your self-insert protagonist. Entire music-devoid cutscenes were devoted to her nutcracking facial animations spewing garbage that's meant to make her endearing. She tried hard to be Alisa, but she's not. Ann - Persona 5 She's basic. She's bland. Her voice in battle is annoying. She's unattractive (to me). Her Phantom Thief suit is hideous and impractical. Just by her existing, Morgana is a significantly worse character. Worst of all: Her persona shares the same name as my mom. The last thing I want to hear in battle is a stripper yelling "dANcE CArMeN!!!" ... And now I'll pass out, lol. If y'all got any questions, I guess this is now an AMA thread...? Or if y'all wanna disown me, that's fine too... iunno, I'm just bored and tired and seeking attention because why not.
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