Know what we ALL want for Snowdown?

No need to gift wrap the elephant in the room... No need for a giant bow... Know what we ALL want? For our SKIN SHARDS to return to their original disenchant value. TL;DR potatoes OVER! Time for the REAL beef: Math nerd? Check it -- Skins used to be 33% OE of the RP value... it became 20%... "That doesn't seem that bad." 1/3 -> 1/5 BUT that means your shards' OE value was actually reduced by almost HALF!!! Example: 1820 RP skin previously disenchant for 607 OE 1820 RP skin now d/e for 364 OE 607 - 364 = 243 243 OE is 40% of 607 is a lot of potential value to a hoarding player who has every right to be upset their digital investments were diminished in value. A value that we all invested in... already purchased with RP = labor = someone's blood, sweat, tears, time, sacrifice, earned by skill, fortune, teamwork, training, reaching their S rank goal, that sort. I'm not saying the original 33% d/e value return FOREVER... How about for Snowdown 2017 our skin shards return to their original value and we get what we paid for for the holiday season / month it lasts? This could show a return of some of the disheartened player base and renew interest in the accounts some are reasonably upset about losing value in. *** We all get it in some way... We smell it metaphorically... Ya' can't put a shiny bow on a steaming pile of crap left by the drunk (with power) uncle (Riot) who has made MANY bad decisions in life we forgave which have lead to this current mess we all get to remember 'em by. Psychological fun fact: People don't remember someone for all 10 years of their work as a questionably aloof and distant manager, they remember 'em for that one day before Christmas they showed up drunk and took a giant liquid diarrhea crap on everyone at the company party right before we had to go face our families for the holidays and tell them we're losing 40% of our essential worth. I've got a lot more beef in this corner of conversation where there's no publicly traded stock or even an IPO for Riot / Tencent Holdings so ACTUAL investment in the company is not an option. Only digital goods with no return / refund value. Tencent has Bloomberg reporting 22 BILLION dollars in revenue from 2016. Quotes from the link ^ "If the E-sports industry was a game, Chinese tech giant Tencent [RIOT] would be its final boss." "Tencent’s market cap now stands at $270 billion" So it's not like this is making out to be the uninformed, boosted bonobo rant you thought it might be. Uh-oh... is that genuine understanding? Legitimate frustration? Rational concern? RIot chose to change these values without any vote, tally, consent, public notice, or public involvement... This is the same kind of behaviour as NOT letting the public / players / constituents own part of the company, have a voice, own stock, invest in an IPO, etc. We were excluded from the discussion of an inclusive decision. We quietly trusted what happened behind closed doors and hoped they had everyone's best in mind. And what was the outcome? What's that... right there... your first, honest feeling about this that came to the surface upon being asked? Those watching this play out estimate 2 weeks of reasonable notification of ORANGE essence changes during the months of well-established coming changes, as the US offices were uninformed of the OE changes until the last minute and Riot employees made obtuse and uninformed statements on the official forums... a place I would wager only a small portion of the player base frequents... let alone have time to. This change they were not truly informed about, misled by in forum notices that were redacted by a largely mis- or uninformed staff / admin later... plenty of Reddit articles citing this PR disaster. *** All that aside... let's say forgiven and humility suffices and we all take the abuse, roll with the punch, the hit hurt, pain's gone but still feeling it... How about for this holiday... This one Snowdown... This literal and historical time grounded in gifting and sharing and restoring the human spirit and comradery... ... return the Orange Essence values to 33%... return our investments of what made Riot / Tencent this great in the first place... For all the people who couldn't play for those transitional weeks / months... For those serving their countries... For those working and taking care of family... For the sick then, now healthy... For the hoarders, saving their harvest for whence worthwhile... For the respect Riot lost, a chance at redemption... Greed is a very powerful force of nature on this Earth now. I don't expect much from people at all, except their worst and projecting their pain ala Jungian shadow stuff. So come what may. I just wanted to speak my peace about this once and for all. If you made it this far down, truly, thank you and I'm happy I could share my understanding of this with you. Happy holidays, everyone! ~~~~8~{@
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