Get rid of autofill

It's so stupid how you force people to play an off role in ranked to "save time in queue." What's the point in trying to reduce queue time if you get into the game and you're playing something you don't enjoy either way? Riot is literally saying "k we're gonna keep the q time at 3 mins max and if it goes over, we'll autofill someone and make their whole team suffer for 20 mins". I'd rather wait 10 mins in q to get my roles. It doesn't even only affect the person getting filled it affects everyone on the team. A clueless support messes up how the ADC plays, meaning that the Jung and Mid have a harder time roaming bot. It's not even fun to play against autofilled supports. I'd rather win because I'm actually better than whoever I'm playing against, not because I'm playing against someone who plays mid at a high gold-plat level but plays support at a low silver level. Maybe it would help if riot added a tertiary position when you q for ranked? I know not many people play more than positions but at least some champion skillsets translate to other lanes. For example, I main ADC, then jung but if I were to pick a tertiary I'd pick mid because in case I happen to get mid, I'd play Lucian mid. While this isn't totally ideal rn, it's better than autofilling me to top or sup since I have no serious experience playing either role. At least when I play Lucian mid I have mechanical experience with him from playing ADC. TLDR: get rid of autofill, I'd rather wait in q to get my preferred roles. Think about a tertiary position instead.
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