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You know the rating system Riot created that grades you with a B+, A, S- etc.? Why don't they incorporate this into the Ranking system? This way you get rewarded LP (MMR) based upon whether or not you and your team won and **ALSO** on your individual contribution. This would help offset the issues with Boosters Winning and/or Losing games on purpose to manipulate the ranking system. For example, you played well and earned a S- on your team, even though you lost the game because the enemy team had a Master Ranked (playing on a bronze ranked account) booster on it. Basically, as a Bronze player, there was nothing you could do, but you still did well. Riot's system rewards that booster and punishes you, the honest player. What if that player lost 10 LP for the team loss, but then gained 5 LP for getting such a good individual score? Only losing 5 LP. Next game he wins and also gets another S-. This time he won 10 LP for the team victory and an additional 5 LP for getting such a good score. This would be a net gain of 20 LP, making it like he didn't lose that first game. It offsets the booster attempts at manipulating the system. It would also make it more difficult for boosters to manipulate accounts through duoq because it's likely that the person paying for the booster won't play very well at all. So the team won and he got 10 LP but because he played like crap, got a very low grade, maybe he lost 5 LP only providing a net gain of 5 LP... This concept would also make a lot of players happy because it would feel better when you lose a game because your team sucked. It would reward players for the team AND individual performance. Why must we all go down with the ship?
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