A jab and a hug: some thoughts on the most recent client disaster

Riot with all the client issues throughout today I have to give two pieces of feedback. One, it is kind of ridiculous at this point that patches are bringing the very client to its knees. Speaking as a developer, anything changes being made that have the potential to directly impact players ability to get into the game need to be tested far more vigorously than they are now. In this age of software development it is simply unacceptable to have releases break things so badly. On the other hand, I want to commend and give condolences to the on call staff at riot. Not only is an emergency breakdown late in the day of a new release a huge headache and extremely stressful. It’s really impressive the speed the react to the situation and get things resolved. Ideally of course it doesn’t happen to begin with. But props to the response team in getting it fixed up. Those kinds of fixes are high stress, high pressure
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