"PvE game modes cost too many resources"

We can't make lore events, too complicated to manage. Recycled/missing animations on legendary skins aren't an issue, animations are better nowadays, and are more costly: we need to cut corners. Maintaining rotating game modes requires too much effort. We can't sustain anymore the relentless workload we put in Twisted Treeline, just like Dominion and Nexus Blitz. Can't really do anything but sell you this already tracked data for bragging rights. Death recap taking 10 years to be dethroned of its meme status is normal. We see no integrity problem about selling a 100$ golden chroma, as long as somebody buys it for its advertised "rarity" and "exclusivity". Buffing champions with upcoming skins is just a coincidence. Animated loading screens are too much work. 10 years celebration for LoL is a new logo, the usual talk about preseason, and Tencent-sponsored mobile LoL. I'm starting to question where goes all that profit from skins... Riot acts like they're in bankruptcy and desperate.
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