Hey Riot wanna up your security a lil :/

So yeah i got hacked , apologies to anyone recognizing this account . Some jackass somehow got in, burned through 200k BE wasted all my OE and skin shards ,changed my name, played over 20 ranked games and ofc got me banned. My problem is WHY i didnt know any of this? My email is verified riot, USE IT. Steam has like 4 barriers to entry, Twitter sends a email every time someone logins from an unverified computer , even Epic Games sends one. And WE are not notified for _anything_ Things that you **need** to notify your players for: • Logins from new computers • Name changing • Bans/Warnings It cant be that hard rito Like seriously if i hadn't logged in before the ban ended the guy would have keep accumulating bans and trolling and i would not even know it, wtf
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