I'm not giving this company another cent until they address this issue

Nobody wanted Riot to do what they did. Nobody wanted this. Let's not pin this on "feminists" or "liberals" or "SJW culture". Let's pin this on Riot. Nobody wanted a stupid, discriminatory "idea" that barred men from what could be their only opportunity to join a session like this. Riot has internal sexism problems? Okay. Fix them. Don't punish the community for your own fuck-ups. But holy shit, this haphazard attempt at counterbalancing an issue has to be the most objectively stupid attempt I have ever seen from a company. You want women and non-binary people to get into gaming? Okay. Encourage them. If you want, host some kind of additional, completely separate session regarding these opportunities in gaming. Men won't really have a reason to want to go to these anyway, and you can make everyone happy. Not like this. But what's almost more outrageous to me is the response and community interaction from Daniel Z Klein. Calling everyone a bunch of entitled manbabies for, you know, calling out actual fucking sexism the way they should is never going to be a good move. And I haven't seen any statement from Riot indicating that anyone there feels differently. Until Riot comes forward and publicly admits that they fucked up, condemns the thoroughly unprofessional way DZK addressed a rightfully outraged community, and most importantly of all pledges to change in the future, I will not give this company another cent of my money. And I encourage others to do the same. Riot, before this happened, I've been impressed with what I've seen from the company. But whatever this was was horribly botched, and your community deserves better. After all this, I hope you can see sense.
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