I agree with Riot.

Riot to support walkout, but will not change policy regarding active lawsuits
1 comments Photo via Riot Games Riot Games will actively support its employees participating in the walkout today, but it will not change its policy on lawsuits currently in litigation, the company told Upcomer in an update today.
I get it. We all want change. Women and minorities want fair treatment within the company. I want my account unbanned. Riot can only do so much in either regard. When I hit that "I Agree" button, I sold away my right to be a toxic shitter in chat. When employees signed that contract for employment, they sold away their rights to judicial process. What kind of message would Riot be setting if they'd just bend over and change contracts just because people started yelling about it? It's a contract. You agreed to it. **You agreed to it.** That's what determines my entire opinion on this situation. I could understand if it's just something they decided on their own and you had no understanding of the matter, but that's not it at all. It was a policy in place when employees joined, and they joined despite knowing it's there. Or maybe they didn't know. Oh well. I won't be unbanned for a little while more. I wonder how this entire situation will resolve... Edit: For those that don't follow, the point behind the Arbitration is to have a private judge in place so internal affairs can be handled in a quick and quiet manner. Riot promised to follow up on Arbitrations and have issues dealt with and the environment improved. *The walkout is less about the arbitrations*--many at the walkout have acknowledged such--*but instead the fact that the following the arbitrations, nothing is changing.* **It's like a parent tapping a bad child on the wrist and sending them back to play instead of actually providing a lasting punishment and educating that child on what they did wrong, why it was wrong, and ensuring that the mistake never happens again.** This situation wouldn't have resulted in a walkout at all if not for the fact that Riot isn't dealing with the problems at hand. **Or maybe people aren't satisfied with the punishments and want public satisfaction.** I don't know. I don't work at Riot.
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