Hide/Find the teemo rules, i guess

I've noticed that there aren't any rules for hide the teemo here, all of the ones i've seen are outdated, so i'm making them. **_Starting Rules_** This should be a 5v5 matchup. Every team has a teemo (obviously). Everyone farms until 6 minutes, with both of the Teemos going midlane. **_After 6 Minutes_** The Teemos hide until 8 mins, while both teams have to stay in the fountain. When the 8 minute mark passes, both teams search for the enemy Teemo. Neither team is allowed to kill/hit each other. The Teemo can't go into turret range, and if he does, he loses a life (each Teemo has 5 lives). **_When The Teemo Has Been Found_** The Teemo can run away, and find a new spot to hide. If a Teemo has been killed, everyone except the Teemo that hasn't gotten killed has to back and the team that killed the Teemo needs to wait 1 Minute in the team's fountain. **_Game End_** The game officially ends after a team kills the enemy Teemo 5 times (you may adjust this number depending on the number of players/negotiation) **_General Rules_** Teemos cannot back, they can only buy items when they die. No one's AP or AD cannot excede 100, or 150, respectively. Don't be a troller or a general asshole, as some like to be. If anyone breaks a rule, a life shall be added to the enemy team Teemo. You can use the jungle plants as you wish. No farming at all after 6 mins. All of the above. **_Banned Champions_** {{champion:37}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:25}} (This is the list for now, you can suggest more champs and i'll consider adding them to the list!) **_Banned Items_** {{item:2055}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3364}} {{item:3905}} {{item:3751}}(and the items it upgrades into) **_Summoner Spells_** {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:3}}
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