Tribunal is an absolute travesty

First I got a 14 day suspension, off the top games. Then a few months later, bam, permabanned. All because of a few games where I was getting trolled to the max by the most outrageous teams this game has to offer. People say "You've been punished for your behavior a few times before, that's the only reason this would get you a 14 day. Yeah, the system is automatic for the most part, but it doesn't make mistakes very often. You only got banned this time because it basically sees you've been reported consistently and don't fully control yourself, if you learn to put your temper aside and just play the game you won't have any problems." But the cycle of trolls ragging on you all game, following you around doing everything they can to destroy your game, and then reporting you afterwards, seems to be evidence of your guilt because it's happened before! -------------------------------------------------------- In the first game, the two people trolling me ALL game following me around trying to last hit my minions while constantly raging at me, both got banned. In the second game, Kayle literally went 0/5/0 against Nasus in the first 10 min, after spending the entire pre-game telling me I was a troll for jungling with Karthus (over 100 games played, over 50% winrate) and swearing at me, and spent the entire game raging at me. I mean if trolls rag on you all game, and then hit report to pour salt in the wound, why am I the one getting banned? Is this a robotic process now? Game 1 In-Game Malificat: doing drag after jungle clear Malificat: all the best laid plans are laid to waste Malificat: just watch that when i'm on that side you'll be up to their tower or dead Malificat: like usual Malificat: see where your lane is right now kai Malificat: that's why you're getting camped not ganked Malificat: then dont cry about it Malificat: akali randomly following me around last hitting my jungle creeps Malificat: notice how it's the two feeders on the team doing all the talking Malificat: talk more son Malificat: i have more cs than u and a better score Malificat: 3/5 Malificat: then why do i have a better score than u Malificat: and not 000 Malificat: you have 5x more deaths than me Malificat: feeders who don't realize how much they're getting carried are all muted Malificat: 4/9 yeah you pro bro Malificat: must be a smurf Malificat: lol feeders always try stealing jungle camps Malificat: u kids are all the same Malificat: report kai and akali plz both toxic both int Post-Game Malificat: lol kai i have double your damage Malificat: if i was only farming how do i have DOUBLE your damage Malificat: and yet..... double your damage Malificat: check the graph genius Malificat: enjoy ur ban Game 2 Pre-Game Malificat: nice jg again Malificat: so do i want sorcery or do i want precision for the ult dmg Malificat: i cant belive nobody in lcs is playing jg karthus Malificat: ok In-Game Malificat: wait who said i was a troll i dont remember Malificat: my memory is trolling me Malificat: you counterpicked yourself Malificat: wither destroys kayle Malificat: lol kayle so bad Malificat: dont worry we'll carry you Malificat: you counterpicked yourself so hard Malificat: you do realize that an attack speed based champion whose only escape is running away Malificat: gets destroyed by wither Malificat: lol Malificat: wouldve been if ppl came faster Malificat: waste of an incredibly fed nasus Malificat: lol kayle says report the jungler Malificat: blames me for going 0/5 in the first 10 min w/e Malificat: sorry being 3/1/5 and getting both dragons early game wasn't enough to carry u Malificat: lol full health lucian just keeps going b Malificat: all push mid Malificat: maybe win Malificat: all is all Malificat: you dont need to defend Audhulma (NA) - 2 months ago You've been punished for your behavior a few times before, that's the only reason this would get you a 14 day. Yeah, the system is automatic for the most part, but it doesn't make mistakes very often. You only got banned this time because it basically sees you've been reported consistently and don't fully control yourself, if you learn to put your temper aside and just play the game you won't have any problems. If you really haven't been banned or restricted before now, put in a support ticket and they'll sort it out since the ban scale would be in error. Malificat (NA) - 10 minutes ago Got the suspension lifted, and now I'm PERMABANNED. From this. Game 1? Team was all raging at me, all game, following me around in the jungle last hitting camps and blaming me for every death of theirs. Game 2? I was support a kogmaw who was literally walking straight into their brand, feeding on purpose, and then saying he wasn't paying attention because he was playing cell phone games. You guys say well, these aren't that bad but it's because you've been punished before, which is why I'm posting this following up my last suspension. Literally getting reported by the trolls in this game is all it takes to get a person punished over and over. Literally a community full of people for whom the best part of this game is trolling the carp out of people and then getting their accounts banned by a completely automatic system after. Getting massively trolled and then having my account PERMABANNED from these two games. But because I've been in the tribunal before! From the same kind of situation! I've got to deserve it................................................... The american criminal justice system at work. Game 1 In-Game Malificat: just farm and kill his turrets Malificat: check my winrate and say that Malificat: u shouldve gotten them to chase you a little Malificat: wish i could gank bot lane but you're either pushed with no vision control or dead Malificat: feeder on mute Malificat: voli fed asf by this bot lane Malificat: should say by karma Malificat: i'm 80% with jg karthus Malificat: he's abusing the fact that you guys have been free kills all game Malificat: always pushed with no vision control, or dead Malificat: wrong Malificat: i can't gank when every lane is always pushed or dead Malificat: look at your lane right now urgot Malificat: can anyone gank that? Malificat: no Malificat: 1/6 bot lane bear food gg Malificat: voli i guess it's my fault that you've been abusing this bot lane all game Malificat: was it my fault karma gave voli FB in the river at lv 1 too? Malificat: good job morde you stole my camp Malificat: sucks you lose your lane and feed so much Malificat: this morde stealing my camps Malificat: also blames me Malificat: literally 80% winrate with jg karthus but you can't carry some games Malificat: yall can lose idc too many trolls in this game Malificat: maybe morde despite being a terrible person isn't a terrible player Malificat: just doesn't get how stealing camps from junglers pisses people off and throws his games for him Malificat: report karthus for being unhappy that bot blamed me for all their deaths Malificat: report karthus for being unhappy that morde followed him around last hitting jungle camps Malificat: and every minute thereafter Game 2 Pre-Game Malificat: this will either be great or terrible Malificat: i'm wagering on terrible Malificat: zac Malificat: heavy engage Malificat: dw i got the dmg Malificat: even if everyone feeds Malificat: now that i'm not heavy into weed this elo is so much fun In-Game Malificat: when you're playing kogmaw dont facecheck bushes by yourself Malificat: lol Malificat: whatd u say about wet noodles mid Malificat: fcking kogmaw stop dying for no reason Malificat: jesusx Malificat: reported Malificat: be more bronze Malificat: i'm taking the farm now Malificat: no sht Malificat: he' Malificat: like herpaderp Malificat: getting carried and talking trash Malificat: u got all the class of a hooker Malificat: this kog hasn't dodged one of brand's abilities all game Malificat: just stands in the circle Malificat: go play arams if you can't pay attention Malificat: he has the mind of a lemming Malificat: you'll see Malificat: i mean our duo mid top is 2/8 and mid is 50% of their cs Malificat: this game isn't carryable Malificat: 2/10 now Malificat: put together Malificat: see kog early game when you were handing all those kills to kayn saying worth somehow, you were feeding him free gold Malificat: so now he can run around doing this Malificat: because you fed him for no reason
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