You know what? League just isn’t fun anymore.

I have honestly been in this delusional haze for the last few months that allows me to believe I am enjoying the game, but what I’m finding out is that simply isn’t the case. What I have enjoyed has been the opportunity to interact with friends on the one common platform we all still have - league of legends. But then last night I realized something. All we do when we play is complain about how shit the game is. We complain about champions with practically no counterplay being the rule now, not the exception. We complain about strategy and macro being less emphasized, with micro play and abusing OPs being far more important now than ever. We complain about the tedious and overly complex rune system that has fractured this game since the inception of keystones because it’s a concept that can never truly be balanced. We yearn for the simplicity of the old runes and masteries, because while they certainly had some abuse cases they never held a candle to what keystones do, did, and are currently doing in this very moment. We complain about resourceless champions being able to exist in such a way that they can spam spells with impunity, where the only resource they manage is an amplifier, not a true resource. In other words, if they use their resource correctly they do more damage. If they use it incorrectly, they do less damage and simply don’t maximize the character potential. Try being a mana champion, even in a world where mana access feels unlimited, it’s still a dynamic that feels entirely unfair. We complain about riots blatant and callous regard for the community, where the playerbase being a host for their money leeching desires is all it (the playerbase) is good for. We are constantly told “we know better than the players actually know themselves, so here, enjoy what you never asked for but what also makes us money because you’ll get it to spite yourselves.” This last bit isn’t necessarily riots fault, players own some responsibility here but it’s still pretty sleazy to operate in such a fashion. Do I even need to talk about champion balance? Do I even need to talk about match making? Do I even need to talk about damage and lack of defense? Should I even mention that games are poorly strategically based and more based on spamming what’s overpowered and has no counterplay? I more or less alluded to this at the top, but here it is again anyway. And honestly, it has occurred to me that I am miserable when I play this game. The match making sucks - never mind getting stomped, even when I win it’s a blowout and that isn’t fun. So why do I keep coming back? Probably because I live in the past with concepts of what this game used to be, with delusions that this will somehow return. It isn’t going to, and riot isn’t in any hurry to care again.
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