Some of the shit that i see said to junglers in solo queue is just beyond comprehension.

My last game are top died 3 times in a row because he kept over pushing when he was getting camped. He then said "ok im never team fighting cause you never gank"........ your playing solo lane and are behind your not gonna get a gank from are jungler unless the other laner fucks up real bad. The whole match this guy literally would refuse to fight anyone on their team and would take are junglers farm all game. Like this person had somehow gotten in his head that if hes not ahead then his teams shit and deserve to lose. Imagine if a person like that fucking got filled to support...... Now we won because the rest of the team fucking carried him around the fucking planet 3 times. By the end of a match he as {{champion:8}} did 4000 damage the lowest in the game. I went full shield bot {{champion:117}} maxed E and W and only used them on my jungler and adc and I still out damaged him. I basically stood behind my adc and dumped everything and built everything to keep them alive from a fed yi and i still did more damage then the vlad........ Were pushing 4v5 the other team has 0 towers and only 1 inhib and this guy is still way back at are side of the map taking are junglers farm. This person was actually the most selfish player i have ever met in any game. Like that behavior of "im more important then the other 9 people in this match and if i don't get what i want im gonna ruin it for them" doesn't belong at any elo even people in Iron 5 dont deserve to get a teammate like that. Like if you go out of your way to try and make other people more miserable for no reason while thinking your more important then everyone else in the world combined. You are actually most disgusting thing in existence.
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