Lethality is a HUGE middle finger to all mage midlaners.

I'll accept the fact that I got banned mostly for my toxicity but a good contribution of that initial tilt comes from the fact that Lethality items are LITERALLY dirt cheap and yet so cost-effective. In the game I got banned Zed was literally afk for the first 2 waves and still ended up with a finished lethality item before my Zhonyas and I had more CS than him in lane as Veigar. The fact of the matter is I actually get more efficient results from building a Luden's Echo than I do from Zhonya's vs. Lethality stackers midlane. Why you may ask? Well it's because, A: Mana-mages got completely gutted by the mana regen aspect of Doran's Ring changes to the point where people actually take Corruption Potion now purely for the mana regen. and... B: Even though THEORETICALLY SPEAKING, Zhonyas "_counters"_ Zed, it really actually doesn't feel like it at all once he buys that dirt cheap 1100 gold lethality item. See as a mana-mage when you rush that Zhonyas vs Zed, yeah you may actually dodge his ult and a few ignite procs with the Active portion (literally the only useful portion in my opinion), but the fact of the matter is, you now lack the mana to go toe to toe with his Q spam. Eventually you're going to either want the blue buff or end up force-backing for mana while he gets to stay around because Energy is basically a permanent blue buff. Also lethality pretty much makes it so even if you built that armor he's still going to do absurd damage RIGHT THROUGH THE FUCKING ARMOR. I had a FULLY built Zhonyas and 1 simple Zed combo + Electrocute pretty much still 100 to 50's THROUGH that armor. Hell I've had games where I do VeigarV2's Armor build with Zhonya, Ninja Tabi, and Deadman's Plate and the lethality still burns right through as if I had no armor to begin with. ----------------------------------------------------- For the lazy fucks who don't like reading (TLDR): Lethality is quite literally a giant middle finger to any mage who thinks Zhonya's armor is actually a counter to AD midlaners PERIOD. Like I said, I'll take into consideration the fact that I got banned purely from a toxic mindset, BUT I also do strongly think a good factor comes from the fact that building Armor isn't even worth it anymore with how effective Lethality is early on. Literally every single time I've built Zhonya's vs. a Zed/Talon/Yasuo I've had nothing but disappointment. Yeah the active portion of the item is great and all but with Lethality it's literally like as if I had no armor to begin with and now that i've bought that item I have quite literally no mana boosts like I would if I built a mana item like Rod of Ages or Luden's Echo. In conclusion...fuck Lethality. Sincerely, every mana-mage player who has gotten severely cucked by it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT 9/28/2018: Special thanks to commenter VoraciousX for more insight on the current situation: "Actually the reason why Zhonya's does nothing to lethality is because before lethality it had a lot more armor, and when it was nerfed to be barely any armor because it's active was so powerful and "we're nerfing it because it's a must on every AP users", it wasn't absolute trash to rush against assassins pre-lethality. Now that assassins have lethality the armor means nothing because it's so little. Especially after Riot flipped their whole "scale up into late game" formula so that assassins actually start with 60% lethality instead of 40%, and have buffed the stat itself since then. But honestly, lethality is an even BIGGER middle finger to AP assassins. We're all stuck building mage items because we don't have a real core item. Sure you could consider gunblade a core item on a few AP assassins, but honestly it's not any worse on anyone else. Most of the time I find myself rushing a bunch of components early so that I can actually do some meaningful damage with my abilities instead of paying for the full price of gunblade because the AD components just aren't as useful and the AD component + the completion price is way over half the item in cost. I'd rather just rush {{item:3145}} {{item:3916}} {{item:3020}} and have the pen of a lethality user earlier and actually do damage than be weak until I complete gunblade. Seeker's armguard costs the exact same as serrated dirk. Assassins actually have 7 pen at level 6 with serrated dirk, that's only 3 lethality less. They also get 7 from sudden impact. That's 14 armor pen, which is almost half of seeker's armguard. The armor doesn't do as much as you think."
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