Unpopular Opinion: Prestige K/DA Evelynn is the most underwhelming KDA skin

My favourite member and character is definitely Evelynn so when I first saw the prestige skin, my first reaction was excitement, because the base outfit is was good but it had so much potential, like what you guys did with Prestige K/DA Ahri. A lot of people also agreed with it too so I was excited every time I see an update on the skin. However these updates didn’t address the actual issues of the skins, and so I started to lose hope. The final update has arrived and not one of the issues like hair, dress design, colour accents in the outfits and even the coat was even touched. If you compared the changes on Prestige K/DA Ahri, so many changes happened within the span of 3 days. Here, it just seemed like you guys barely scratched the surface of this skin. In my unpopular and honest opinion, it just seemed like not much effort was added to this skin, adding a plain gold dress, a white coat, gold heels and now a blue tail and said “okay cool let’s move on”. Evelynn is my favourite character and my number 1 jg (and I’m really bad at jg) and in my opinion, this was just so underwhelming /: There were popular posts and comments with actual nice suggestions but not one were used. Am I going to get this skin? Eventually, due to having all of her skins but it won’t be my biggest priority. It’s just disappointing to look at so it’s not at “I need it now!” factor.
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