There HAS to be something wrong with this game. It needs a hard reset super badly i have 6 kills at 6 min got every lane ahead. Toplaner with neg win rate on his one trick champion still feeds toplane when he counters it. Botlane shoves up dies to their lane and shyvanna 3 times in a row. Toplane is dying 1v1 with mid/jg up there all game. Every other game is autoloss with 3 lanes hard losing no matter what happens in the game. I guess this is why people dont play in early season but riot really needs to fix that and the meta. Game is so boring and dumb people wont play that shit, which is why alot of people arent. Having a play super fed destroying every lane should be game over. Not 3 players who cant even win with no jungler presence from the enemy for 10 min and presence from your jungler for 10 min getting massive leads. The game needs a fix or it will die.
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