Please give me just one non assassin patch

Just already, I know most of the playerbase are high damage, high mobility champion mains (also high risk- high reward champions :D) and I am probably gonna be downvoted for this but I actually think that this game became braindead damage in every aspect, even tanks aren't played tanks anymore, even in season 10 you see mostly ap Cho'Gath, Malphite, Gragas, or Sion ad. Please just give us ONE patch where assassin's actually needs to use your brain to outplay you, so why is Akali more survivable champion than any of them, I actually see on riot champion paragraph that Akali has low survavability, but why would someone play tanks if she can live longer than an tank with that crap of mobility (nothing personal to Akali - Ekko, Ahri, Le Blanc and Fizz are literally the same). If someone told me in beta when I started to play this game that the main protagonists of this game are meant to be only hyper mobility or hyper burst characters, I would delete the game and never come back. RIOT STOP FOCUSING ON LETHALITY ITEMS, YOU ALREADY HAVE HUGE PLAYERBASE PLAYING YOUR FAVORITE CHAMPIONS, NERF FLAT MAGIC PENETRATION AND ADD MORE VIABLE MAGIC RESIST ITEMS. Thanks for attention.
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