psa to supports: how to support a juggernaut

I've been getting fed up with handful of games where I've been the obvious carry through the early-mid and sometimes even the late and yet I can't seem to gather the deserved attention of my local Ardent Slave. Obviously, they're just not informed on how to prioritize the correct ally to funnel. (Me) So I'm going to give you friendly supports some tips on what to do when your top is 60 CS up and 2 kills in and snowballing and your ADgetcarried just isn't up to snuff. - Instead of pressing W and or E on your loser marksman, press it on the much more impressively muscled Illaoi. And then keep doing that. - Buy Mikaels. I prefer this over Ardent almost any day. - Zekes is not important to me unless I'm Darius. - If you're a tank then buy Knights Vow and get in that team fight with me. I'll show you what the drain tank experience feels like. - If support, buy a safety item like Zhonyas to compensate being at bigger risk supporting a melee champion. Only after all your core items; your first priority is maxing out your support powers for me. - Learn how to jungle and start playing Ivern. Cut out the middleman entirely and just support the better player from level 1. It's easier for all of us. Thank you for reading this guide, I hope it helps you support your best player a little bit better.
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