Feel like Akali might actually be the most balanced champion...

This really isn't a troll thread either. I feel like she's what every assassin should be, heck what every champion regardless of roll should be, but lets just focus on assassins since I don't want to compare apples to oranges. ----------------- Now some of you may disagree, I get that. SOme people just HATE akali. It's fair. But that doesn't mean she isn't in all fairness, potentially the most balanced champion in League. Champions should have ample counter play to them, but still be powerful enough that the user can get kills. Akali is one of the few champs that can do this, and has to do it unless she's like 7/0. --------------------- Whenever I play against an Akali.. it's one of the few champions I actually don't get upset when I die repetaedly, or get stomped, I don't get aggravated, or feel cheesed, or cheated, or anything.. Her kit requires her to land every skill shot, and outplay me. I have ample time between her bursts to make decisions, outplay her, or choose to back off. If I die, it honestly is completely my fault, even during engagements. She has to close into melee range to get proper damage down, and she has to choose her engagements wisely. Her burst damage comes in bursts, that's high yes, but also fractured enough that I have ample time to make decisions, outplay, back off, or force her into a bad engagement right in the middle of the fight. I can't think of very many champions like this, especially assassins.. Leblanc, Zed, Fizz, yasuo even, all have kits that can safely farm if behind (well not fizz), they can burst you down and disengage with literally zero threat, and can all in you at 100-0 with only 2 kills and some damage items. Granted Akali's shroud is pretty powerful yes, but there are ways to play around it. There are weaknesses to her shroud, the fact it dissipates from the middle, creating a ring, it allows you to back off if you want to disengage, and akali can still get hit by skillshots, and AOE. She's squishy enough that despite her shroud she still has to be careful. ------------------- Either playing as her, or against her, even if an akali is fed on the enemy team from a teammate, I don't feel nearly as frustrated, annoyed, or upset as I usually get. I know that AKali probably earned the outplays, and that despite her being fed, there are still ample moments, oppertunities, and times to shut her down during engagements, but at the same time.. Playing as Akali, whether ahead, behind, or breaking even at any point in the game.. I feel like I have the equal oppertunity to both do well, or do badly, and even while ahead, I have to be careful or I could easily find myself on a grey screen. Other assassins don't have this problem, once they get fed they are nearly unstoppable. I feel like if every Assassins kit played out similar to Akali's, where their damage was bursty, but in fragments, and it required actually landing skillshots even while fed to get kills, and were still squishy enough that they have to be careful, it would be very healthy and much more fun for everyone.
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