Metal Recommendations - In Honor of the Morde Reveal

[]([]) This is as good a time as it can ever be for this topic. We all know Morde is **_the_** metal guy, but I've noticed that other than the two Pentakill albums, Riot (and people in general) tend to stay a bit away from metal music. In honor of the occasion, here's some recommendations of my own favorites library. Hope you'll find something new to listen to, even if you've never been much of a metal person yourself :D ____ **Stratovarius** - My Eternal Dream ######Strato is a Finnish band that has been going since the early 90's and is a band that has gone through various lineups. This is the opener to their latest album **"Eternal"** and it's a melodic piece with powerful passages, a remarkable anthem for its chorus, and great solos. This is a life performance! I wouldn't mind if a Worlds track was ever made in this vain. Other Stratovarius recommendations: [Black Diamond]( - Essential classic Stratovarius [Kiss of Judas]( - Slower and heavier [Speed of Light]( - Fast and furious [Twilight Symphony]( - Older, brilliant and complex [Eagleheart]( - Really light, almost pop-like and melodic [Elysium]( - 18 minute masterpiece ____ **Sonata Arctica** - 8th Commandment ######Another Finnish band, Sonata have been a band of many faces and styles. 8th Commandment was the song that truly got me into metal back in the day, and I think it remains a classic for the band. Tight, melodic and powerful, it's a must for any power metal fan. Sonata will be touring the US later this year, so if you find they tickle your fancy, check the dates [here]( :D Other Sonata Arctica recommendations: [FullMoon]( - Sonata's most popular song. Melodic, pretty light and very catchy. [White Pearl, Black Oceans]( - Longer and evolving, one of their very best. [Deathaura]( - Dark and evocative of Danny Elfman's style, a very underrated gem in their repertoire. [The Cage]( - Classic powerful anthem, full of joy and memorable melodies. [Don't Say a Word]( - Complex yet memorable. A favorite among fans. ___ **Within Temptation** - It's the Fear ######You'll think a lot of the Pentakill song **Tear of the Goddess** with this band, and it's actually my favorite song of that Pentakill album. Sharon den Adel's voice is beautiful. It's both delicate and powerful, giving the band a very unique sound, as the voice plays in perfect contrast to the heavier sound of the guitars, all with some layers of orchestral segments for good measure. This band's arrangements are just beautiful, and I really wish I could sing like her. Other Within Temptation recommendations: [A Dangerous Mind]( - Wonderful chorus, just love the melody [Forsaken]( - Grand and bombastic [Memories]( - Up for a much more tame song among **all** these heavy tracks? Lovely melody once again. [Our Solemn Hour]( - Heavy and with a great choral arrangement [What Have You Done]( - With complementary male vocals of great power ___ **Blind Guardian** - Banish from Sanctuary ######Blind Guardian are another legendary band in the power metal scene. From Germany, the band employs two electric guitars as opposed to the guitar-keyboard duo from Strato. This, along with the singer Hansi Kursch's rougher voice gives the band a heavier sound. Their lyrics are often more fantasy-based, and they are something that would make you think of Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings. Other Blind Guardian recommendations: [Valhalla]( - Classic power metal anthem [Mirror Mirror]( - Essential Blind Guardian [Into the Storm]( - Slower yet powerful ___ **OTHER RECOMMENDATIONS** Children of Bodom - [In Your Face]( _(Melodic Death Metal)_ Samael - [Moongate]( _(Black metal band gets an industrial metal injection)_ DragonForce - [Disciples of Babylon]( _(DragonForce's best song with lovely acoustic break)_ Fairyland - [On the Path to Fury]( _(Operatic and bombastic power metal track)_ Helloween - [Eagle Fly Free]( _(Classic power metal song)_ Edguy - [Babylon]( _(Fast and melodic)_ DragonForce - [Valley of the Damned]( _(Great live version)_ Heavenly - [Wasted Time]( _(Powerful chorus and great chord progressions)_ ___ **Please let me know if a link is broken or if a video doesn't play in your region!** Thx for reading and hopefully you found at least one song you enjoyed! {{champion:18}}
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