Very much needed nerfs.

I can't get to everything we need to nerf, however, let's discuss clones and true invis. When I mean true invis, I'm not talking about {{champion:28}} or {{champion:29}}. I mean {{champion:7}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:62}}. The issue with true invis in this meta is that you can out position anyone in any situation. Doesn't apply much to leblanc, due to her clone nerf (revert = nerf?). Mostly to Shaco who can wall jump invis and wukong who can true invis as well. With damage being out of control, and riot disregarding their remarks to tone it back in 9.3 and 9.4. I think it's necessary to discuss true invis nerfs. When you can be one shotted, it would atleast be nice to see who is coming to one shot you. Sure. Pink wards can be nice for laning phase, but only do so much when there are so many types of ganks. So how do we nerf true invis? Well, you can look at individual champion nerfs, but that'd make a lot of people angry when decreasing damage in a damage meta. So why not take true invis away and make it an invis based off of distance like every other invis. In literally every mmorpg with invis, invis is distance based. True invis just isn't right, right now. Next step, and it again applies to all of the champs mentioned are clones. Clones don't fool you, however, when clones can damage you, require you to re position, or use resources to kill them, there should be reward beyond killing a clone. How about applying Illaoi clone mechanics (for those who don't know illaoi, when she pulls your spirit/clone, damage transfers to the real player. Not 100%, but enough to tickle you and get the hell out of dodge when she has your clone) This would remove shaco clone that can fear and do damage, stop wukong shenanigans, require leblanc to pay attention to her health a bit more and neeko gets a slight nerf to her W if she doesn't know how to use it. It's a start. Also, Luden's echo is a 100% buy right now for pretty much anyone ap. So why aren't we nerfing ludens?
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