I have to change my name because it is deemed as "inappropriate"

***UPDATE NAME HAS BEEN RECLAIMED, THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! https://imgur.com/a/7o99pZh My username is Sexual Girl and I main Evelynn, I play her almost 85% of the times in my games and have the highest mastery points on her, I made this username to make sure that it fulfills the fantasy of the character I am using, and the fact that I now have to change it after almost 6 months of using it is fucking absurd. I just think that to be hypocritical and say "yeah sexual girl is an inappropriate word" is a fucking joke because what is Evelynn???? What is her lore about? What does she exist to do??? WHAT THE FUCK IS SHE??? SHE IS A SUCCUBUS, a demon that takes on the form of a woman to seduce men and to attract them, she is a sexual girl, a girl who uses her body and lustful thoughts to attract men, and kill them. if you are going to tell me to change my name, delete the champion Evelynn or change her entire lore/kit, because this is just insane to me, I feel like if it was sexual boy I would not have had to change, because you know, you don't have 15 year old boys that are going through puberty see, "oh my gosh, she has girl at the end of her name, I have to report because my balls haven't dropped and I feel uncomfortable" edit - For those of you who don't know, I am not trying to use males as an escape goat for this issue and using it to justify my point, I have Evelynn for that. What I am trying to imply with the reference of male figures is that every game that I played with another one of my friends who's name was sexual boy, I was the one that was always threatened with the report, it was always "reporting because you're an egirl" , "wow you're belittling women with that name, report" and many more while my friend had nothing said to him or he would once in awhile get, "yo man sick name that is funny" ....this is where these points come from. If you could only fucking understand how many people have been talking about my name and threatened me with a report just because of my gender or the fact that I like to tease them and have a friendly banter, while also winning my games would get them so mad and they would report for no reason, you would be shocked. But just because that tiny majority reports my name does not mean I have WAY more supporters, everyone that comes to meet me and becomes my friend understands me more and the things I do and come to love me and my name. Even people that are just chilling and trying to have a good time love the fact that I play Evelynn and my name is sexual girl so that fact that I have to change it sucks, and again, I do not blame men for my name getting changed, I was simply just implying that some of the reports, SOME, are most likely from men and for that very reason. Please, spare me, this game is so sexist, absurd and stupid on so many levels...
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