My apology to the Asian community

Over the past few days, we’ve seen an increase in discussion involving the Asian community, following a decision by the Chinese government that directly affects League of Legends. While we do allow political discussions that pertain to gaming culture, we do not allow purely political discussions that do not pertain to League of Legends, and we certainly and unequivocally prohibit racism. With that being said, we have not been doing enough to curb and remove these discussions, and I am sorry we have let a lot of these discussions last for longer than they should have. There are instances where wires get crossed, and moderators err on the side of leniency for political posts. I am working with our moderation team to help them be more proactive with removing these posts, we’re re-evaluating our stance on political posts, and we will do better. If you ever feel like we’re missing our mark, don’t hesitate to drop us a note in Discuss the Boards; we take all feedback seriously and bring it up regularly during our internal discussions. As always, please report posts that don’t adhere to our Universal Rules; we’ll try to do the best we can on our end. Humbly, Wuks
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