Riot should've fixed their internal sexism issues without involving the playerbase or PAX attendees.

It's not our fault that Rioters send d*ck pics to their female coworkers, that they circulate e-mails around the office talking about which female co-workers they'd sleep with, or that they don't let women talk in meetings. Or that they fart in people's faces. (All mentioned in the Kotaku article.) You guys should have just fixed your issues internally without doing any of this PAX virtue signalling bullshit. Y'all should've just put out a memo saying how sorry you were and how you'll do better to be all-inclusive and then just had some internal meetings teaching about sexual harassment. Maybe fired some people. And that would've been it. It was an internal issue that didn't really involve the playerbase at all and people would've forgotten about it in a week. But no, you had to go and pull this fking stunt. I mean, you guys do realize that people often go in groups to something like PAX right? So if you're in a group of, say, 3 guys and 2 girls. and everyone's interested in learning about game development but oops! the panel's only for women until 2:30. So I guess the guys have to wait outside cuz they have a penis even though they paid to be there, while only their female friends can go in. Awkward. Then you've got certain employees who shall not be named going off on Twitter talking all kinds of shit about your own playerbase and most recently "jokingly" calling for the SUICIDE of male League players. Does this guy realize that he is white, straight, and male himself? Sounds like he might have some serious insecurities and self hatred, but let's not get into that. You guys have really got to do something about this fiasco because I truly do love the game and want to see it succeed. At this point I don't really care if someone gets fired or not, but you guys at the very least need to come out with a statement apologizing for what's been going on and making it clear that it won't happen again. Because honestly the longer you stay silent the worse this gets. You guys should have responded to this the instant the backlash happened. Staying silent makes it look like you either don't give a fuck or don't think you guys did anything wrong, or you think the playerbase is full of dumb people with no attention span that will just forget about this. Neither of those are a good look
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