{{ Milestone rewards }} Allow Summoner Level Border Selection after level 250

There have been countless cool and simplistic borders ever since the level cap was removed. & leveling up is by all means rewarding only at the milestones (glorious champion capsules). Be that as it may if people who reached level 200-250 should by all means get the options too select all the cool borders that they blew past would be a healthy refresher and give more incentive to grind. I dont grind for levels but im currently on a level that goes so good with my icon & i'm gonna be bummed out when, it changes and go to a completely new design. Its a minuscule request but it'll make for a nice quality of life change. [https://i.gyazo.com/f68fc0b97f443267def095026c5e0465.png] THEY go SO WELL TOGETHER.
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