Please... Yuumi is unplayable, she sits ona 39%WR average, for so long.

And its not the 29% WR of her release, because now only Yuumi Mains/OTPs play her. People who play her, know how (Not taking Flash, for instance), so its not "randoms" making her 39% WR. Can we acknowledge, she is totally unplayable, **and picking Yuumi is honestly hindering your team?** As a Yuumi main, its so sad, I swear. I ask Riot to do whatever they want/can... God, you can Rework her even, as long as you keep her "Essence", kind of. But ANY enemy Botlane, with basic Champion knowledge, can really walk up to Yuumi's ADC, and really destroy him, with 99,99% of success (Then First Blood, then snowball, get Drakes, and "ggwp ez"). Rework her if you wish, in a way that she isnt Pick/Ban in Competitive, and is "Playable" con SoloQ. Also, not "Frustrating" to play against, because Im (And all Yuumi Mains are also) Aware of how not "Nice" it is, to fight her, with ther Undodgeable "Q", and so on... Please, be honest in your answers/opinions, I beg on my knees. Everytime I bring up the issue, people would say "GTFO, Yuumi is horrible Champ design". Again, the numbers are there: Depending what page you visit, you gonna see 38-41% Winrate. THE LOWEST WR OF THE GAME (I think). And not because she is played by "Randoms". Edit: Also, Im shocked she didnt get any Buffs/small Reworks yet, in months. When Senna sits on 53-54+ WR, Lmaaoo. Sad times. Yuumi was really hard Nerfed, to the ground. Edit2: And the fact that AP Supports and Enchanters, dont get 10% CDR and 15 On-hit Damage, anymore, with the new Supp items...
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