Masked Shaco needs an update lol.

Can this skin pls get an update to actually look like the splash art. Here's a list of things that do not match the splash art:- -His hair in game is grey and looks like it's been flat ironed. Solution > Change his hair to be puffy and blue. -His mask in game looks bronze and rusty. Solution> Make it a golden colour with shine. -His socks in game are a grey colour, very dull. Solution > Give it the dark blue colour it has in the splash art. -The sleeves above his forearms and gloves are grey. Solution > Turn them red. -He has a white headband. Solution > Make it black. -His chest is exposed. Solution > Cover it up a little with black around his neck. Look at these listed problems and then look at the splash art, it's horrible. {{champion:35}}
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