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Hello guys, i m diana main since 2012, i m not " Faker" but i hit challenger on more than 5 accounts, i m not saying this to disrespect someone who is in lower elo, its just because we all know its not same if Faker says something and someone in bronze who plays few games per week.. u know what i mean... My point is that i really know game in micro details. If u look diana's patch notes, season 5 and 6 doesnt exist, nothing , in 7 and 8 small changes and now in season 9 over TEN "bug fixes" ... bug fix > reduce dmg on w... next patch >reduce dmg on pasiv ....... something is wrong here, why they dont tell us numbers ? last patch note : BUGFIX Lunar Rush can no longer be reset twice when a reset was timed with a new application of Moonlight. what this tells u? nothing ? anyone understand what this really means ? You have to send ticket to get answers... and they responded with this : http://prntscr.com/ogruoa So, the mention of "BUGFIX Lunar Rush can no longer be reset twice when a reset was timed with a new application of Moonlight" is basically the removal of the RQ technique." like cmon ? why are u hiding it ? just say in patch notes: we removed rq technique which exists for 7 years. Perfect example of the RQ technique is serve in Tennis, and let me explain why, example: Nadal is serving and he hit really strong in line corner and opponent cant return it, its Ace. Will opponent cry how is that unfair? he cant get to ball its to fast lets put rule: u have to sereve with 80% of your power? Next serve Nadal miss, what this means ? he got unlucky? or lucky on first serve ? Next serves : >if he misses that means he got luck on first 1 and he will lose cuz he miss more than he hits . > if he hits that means its not luck that he hits corner really strong, its hard work and practice (skill). Its same with diana RQ R reset, its not something that falls from the sky, is hard work and practice, u fail and fail and fail all over again 10, 100, 1000 times and incrise success rate from 0 to 30%, 50%, 75%, 100%. its not something u can learn in 5 mins like gragas E+ flash combo. i used to practice RQ technique every day for 1-2 hours to increse my success rate. if u are Diana and u lane against Ahri and u go in and fail rq combo( not get r reset) u are dead and u lost lane, its that simple. Riot if u really dont want RQ technique then give us something in return. How to fix diana and make her playable in lcs and high elo without touching dmg: For @Riot Zhanos P: dont tuch Q: dont tuch W: dont tuch E: make it micro dash ( really really small like 1 step forward, just to be detected as dash) and allow it to be used during R dash , not just after R. R: make it reset without damaging target if u use any movement during dash ( new E or flash) RQ technique was like oneshot in 0.1 sec no time to react, this will give players ~1 sec to react before diana dmg them and it will be something like RQ technique. So this combo will be used like this : R(0 dmg)>E> Q (ez, lucian, vayne.... can dodge it) >W>R>R (if u hit Q). If you e to soon u will be far away from enemy and if u wait to long to r hit enemy r goes on cld so this will be mechanicaly hard combo. So enemys can dodge your q in face fight ( not imposible like in old RQ technique) and other 4 players in enemy team have time to cc you before u use anything after R+E. It should looks like this with flash ( pay attention on first dummy dmg, its 0): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIuIGWWmKmw&feature=youtu.be With this combo u can actually get close to enemy adc in higer elo and her dmg is not changed.
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